Murders of members of the LGBT; no ones talking?

Dana Martin-shot in Alabama on 1/6/19

Ashanti Carmon-shot in Maryland on 3/30/19

Jazzaline Ware-murdered in Memphis in March 2019

Claire Legato-shot 4/15/19 in Cleveland

Muhlaysia Booker-shot in Dallas on 5/18/19

Michelle Tamika Washington-shout in Philly on 5/19/19

Paris Cameron-shot in Detroit on 5/25/19

Chynal Lindsey-murdered in Dallas in June 2019

Chanel Scurlock-shot in NC on 6/6/19

Zoe Spears-murdered in MD in June 2019

Johana Joa Medina-dead after being released from ICE custody in TX

The New York Times reported that Grayson Fritts, a Tennessee pastor and detective, said in his sermon on June 2, 2019 that the government should send a riot team to a pride parade scheduled for 6/22/19 in Knoxville, TN. It is reported that he said LGBT people should be arrested, tried and if convicted, executed. Grayson Fritts is a detective with the Knox County Sheriff’s office and a pastor at ALL SCRIPTURE BAPTIST CHURCH. Now allegedly he was bought out which may be code for early retirement but he’s no longer employed with this office. The government officials have agreed to look into his closed cases to ensure his prejudice did not cause detriment to an innocent person, allegedly. Will keep an eye on this case.