Homeschooling tips while on the go

I guess by now you’ve heard that the kids are returning to school. I wouldn’t send mine back to school if they were still school age but that’s another story. There are many people upset about this decision made by our government. Many have decided not to return their children to school. In doing this, it would require you make time to teach them what they need to know regarding the curriculum for their grade level. For many of us, that could prove challenging because of the age difference. For the millenials, it would be a walk in the park because they just finished school or are currently attending college. However, for the older guardians, they’re going to have to wipe away the cobwebs on the educational archives for Algebra, Trigonometry, English, etc.

Fret not; there are still applications that can help the slowest of the slow even with word problems. Being the always-busy, always-on-the-go type of person that I am, I provided some tips for you while I was in motion. Check out the video here. While the info will prove valuable, there was a bit of road rage involved. Hopefully you can look past the anger and see the positive information being shared.

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