The beef sector of YouTube

YouTube provides many sectors that provides guidance on makeup, video games, singing, comedy just to name a few. But there is a section, in the beef sector, where YouTubers actually act out parodies. Now Saturday Night Live is where we usually tune in to see parodies of famous people, but there are some very creative people on YouTube. Sadly, some of these same creative individuals have private issues of their own which they use as a crutch to promote their comedic routines. But when certain people are attacked on YouTube, they fight fire with fire.

Roasting is the term they use when they crack jokes on others and turn it into a funny skit and there is a lady named Rita who calls herself the baddest roaster. But in 2020, we’ve now discovered, she’s not as bad as she seems. Take a look at Ricki otherwise known as Pretti Ricki Fontaine and when Ricki decided to return the roast? Well let’s just say she almost broke the internet.

Let us know in the comments what you think about this parody. Oh and don’t bother looking for the original roaster, Ricki wears that crown now.