An arrest has been made

It looks like the commonwealth is not the place you want to start trouble in. Susie Lillian Cordon has been arrested for the attack of a YouTuber at IHOP on December 31, 2019 as reported to you earlier.

The YouTube reporter Fyebabe brought the exclusive to YouTube and has now provided an update on the arrest of the above mentioned individual.

It is also being reported that the court session scheduled for Monday morning will be filmed and streamed live on YouTube. More information to come later.

To shed some insight on this individual, she has tormented people on YouTube for years, allegedly by doxxing (putting their personal information such as address, employer, children’s schools, etc.) contacting people’s place of employment and most recently placing pictures of someone’s deceased mother in a casket on her community page and premiering it daily. These vile acts have been reported to YouTube as well as the authorities but it seems nothing has been done at this time. It was reported that this individual had been banned from YouTube and Facebook as a result of a run-in with Nephew Tommy of the Steve Harvey morning show a few years back, however, it seems that she is respected by her followers and subscribers so they have allowed her to use their YouTube channels to continue making videos. Part of YouTube’s community guidelines are you are not to share your login and password with anyone but even with all the changes YouTube is making to make the community a safer place, there has been no consequences to the non-compliance of this rule.

The social media environment seems to be making major changes to protect the platforms and make them a safer place to socialize and network. As we progress further into 2020, we will see if these changes will be enough.