The Queens Supreme Court tonight with Dr Heavenly

Tonight TS Madison had a special guest straight from Married to Medicine, Dr. Heavenly. Now Heavenly is really good about cracking jokes on the TV show and working through how to keep a relationship. But TS Madison was too much for her and she wasn’t ready. Heavenly’s bougie side came out on the show and she didn’t appear to want to participate in the roasts and gags. She kept threatening to go home, right down the street. It was bad enough the initial prerecorded show had major technical difficulties but the audience heard heavenly refer to someone as sir and the chat went wild. It was later determined that she was speaking to someone in the audience but st that point it was too late.

TS Madison began changing the format of the show weeks ago and is still working out the kinks. It seems as though she may need to rehire production staff as the same problem arises with every show. The first change was the starting time. They began starting at 8:00 p.m. which is good for working individuals. Then they prerecorded the show for Monday night’s reveal. The most recent change was to air the show a day early for the patreon members.

The fans and supporters were disappointed to know that the show was prerecorded and still has technical difficulties. Technical difficulties are expected with a live show. Ultimately I think the real problem is with production.

Dr. Heavenly’s humor lacked luster and she felt somewhat tuned out. Maybe had they started with the real gag first which was that 80’s haircut from Salt n Pepa they may lost the first all together. It was clear that she didn’t keep up with the Queens Supreme Court or do any research because according to the folks in the chat, they were done with during the opening portion of the show.

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