TS Madison is coming to Network TV

You asked and she heard you. TS Madison just announced that her new show Beyond the Bench is coming to local television in Atlanta, GA. Now I don’t know how the television scene works but she said on her YouTube channel this morning that people outside GA will still be able to watch the show. Of course, the show will be modified to be family friendly but it is in the works and coming soon.Β  Get a glimpse of Beyond the Bench here.


TS Madison has worked really hard to build her brand and her fans and supporters have asked for years that she get on television. However, at the time, her shows were adult rated and not eligible for network television. Her co-producer Oliver Twixt brought the idea to her and thanks to her continued creativity, she brought the idea to fruition and it has been a hit from day one. She continues to expand her brand and constantly growing right before our very eyes.

Madison is just returning from New York where she appeared at Dragcon and it was a successful event. Madison was overwhelmed, as always, with the love and support she receives from people all over the world. She is an amazing woman and you can’t help but to love her and her loving spirit that she shares with the world.

We are still waiting to hear the announcement from Nicki Minaj that she has brought Madison on board Queen Radio as her permanent correspondent but that may be down the road a bit given that Nicki is taking some time off to build a family. Madison is very deserving of the honor if presented to her and it just goes to show how hard Madison works even when you don’t see her. She is quite deserving of all the blessings she’s receiving.

Congratulations Madison on your new tv show! May you continue to prosper and hopefully we’ll see more of you on television!


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