Thaddeus Matthews aka The Cussing Pastor is a guest on the Queen Supreme Court

That’s right my friend. Monday night’s guest was the cussing pastor and he cussed up a storm. He was the first heterosexual male to cohost the show with TS Madison and the views were amazing.

Thaddeus participated in the podcast before the show, was cohost on the show and was available to answer questions during the aftershow. Please note the visual podcast can only be seen on Madison’s patreon. Sadly, there were problems with the phone lines and no one was able to call in. But the aftershow was just as great as the live show because Thaddeus continued to be in tune with Madison in terms of those “teachable moments.” Thaddeus admitted to learning something new by being invited to be a part of the show and just sitting and having conversations with the team.

Thaddeus has a history of cussing out and attacking members of the LGBTQ community. He explained on the Queen Supreme Court that he only responds in kind. “If one of [them] comes for me, I will give them m*^%fu’*#%…”. Basically saying if no one tries to disrespect him then they won’t get cussed out. Understandable. However, people are saying that he is destructive when it comes to the community and that it was a bad idea for Madison to have him on her show. The views state otherwise.

Miss Mary, Thaddeus and TS Madison

Madison spoke of him possibly joining her on the road in the future. A question was asked in the comments of who the other judge would be on the show show with Thaddeus? Madison states going forward “…will give the people me and one judge…they will only get 3 in a special occasion time…”. A poll was done was on Instagram asking the supporters what they thought about the cussing pastor joining her on the road? Well, it was unanimous. Everyone wants to see more of him with TS Madison on the QSC.

The next day, Thaddeus has Madison on his radio show by phone.

The Cussing Pastor

There was a mixture of positives and negative viewers but I tell you, his supporters were much more easy going on the negative Nancy’s than the Maddie Mob. When you saw the lipstick 💄 you knew it was going down and that it did. Between the Maddie Mob and the pastors congregation they overtook all negativity by pouring positivity, and a little profanity, and ultimately bringing the comment section to a peaceful gathering. All the while, the pastor would occasionally cuss a supporter out here and there for vulgar comments. Thaddeus and Madison both claim to be new found friends that understand each other and vow to make money together. When their schedules sync up, it will be a sold out show!

Look at TS Madison’s creative juices at work.

By the way, next stop for TS Madison is Birmingham, Alabama. Get your tickets at eventbrite. For additional information, please go to her Instagram page at therealtsmadison or her manager’s page at officiallygio.

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