TS Madison attacked for being on Queen Radio with Nicki Minaj

TS Madison appeared yet again on Queen Radio with the one and only Nicki Minaj. Whenever Madison appears along side Nicki, it is a very relaxed atmosphere and the interview seems to be two good Judy’s having a bit of girl talk about life in general. As usual, a little shade is given with a subliminal or two is thrown but in this day TS Madison simply said “I’m here;You’re not.” Now they laughed about it and proceeded on with the show. No one seemed to really knew who the sub was for but there were many options to choose from. See Madison never goes on the defense unless she’s just tired of being attacked and falsely accused of things, something that Nicki complained about during this very show. Of course, no one cares when she’s quiet but when she gives a read or two, edges are snatched and wigs are ripped completely off and everyone is mad and in their feelings.

It didn’t take long for the hit dog to holler and it was Armon Wiggins. He went on a transphobic attack against TS Madison because he caught the buckshots straight to the face. But why? Many people still wonder what caused such an attack over 4 words with no names. The streets are talking and it’s been said that Armon was scheduled to be on Queen Radio on this very day but somehow wasn’t present and we don’t yet no why. What we do know is that Armon tried to team up with 2 individuals, who do not like Madison, to wage an all out war against her. Mission failed and aborted.

If his plan was to create a beef with TS Madison and involve Queen Radio and Nicki Minaj to further his career, his management team probably should have advised him against it. For one, it makes him look desperate. Two, Madison doesn’t determine who sits next to Nicki on her show; Nicki does. Lastly, if the words “I’m here; You’re not” hurt him that much? That tells me that A. He was scheduled to be there but for whatever reason was not;

B. The reason he was not there was not one of his own;

C. Nicki chose a side and her name is TS Madison; and

D. Now the whole world knows Nicki loves and cares for Madison more than him.

Nevertheless, he crucified the LGBT community as though he was not a member himself. Some say he didn’t attack the community. He only attacked Madison. You will soon learn, when you attack one, it is an attack against them all. Now his very painful and hurtful rant may have cost him his career.

He has since removed the ignorant tweets that started this and all Instagram evidence was removed when the account was removed/deactivated.

He went live from his YouTube channel moments ago to dispel all rumors that his channel had been terminated. It was only for about 10 seconds but this confirms any suspicions that it was all concocted to get his name in these streets. We call that clout chasing. Let’s see if it works for him.

Oh and we’ll be waiting to see how long before his actual appearance on Queen Radio.