TS Madison gives her approval of Halle Bailey as Ariel

Opinions are like buttholes, everybody has one and trust me when I say TS Madison enjoys sharing her opinions with you daily but not always as classy as this!

TS Madison posted on IG July 6, 2019

Today, TS Madison stopped by on these Social media streets to let us know she supports and approves of Halle’s casting and she did it with song.

As you may know, voices were heard about the people’s choice for character of Ursula and TS Madison’s name was some of those mentioned one more than one occasion as a top pick for the role . On a road trip, TS Madison recreates an impromptu scene with nothing but true character and villainess awesomeness!

It is reported that Disney is being flooded with petitions and requests to make a change in the casting. This is exactly what happens when you share too much of he plan with the public.

I hope The Little Mermaid is a success with whomever is chosen. I will limit my opinions further on this issue to a glass of wine and cheese.

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