Lil NasX is networking with Gordon Ramsey

Lil Nas X sent a tweet to Chef Gordon Ramsey to teach him how to make a panini while he was in London.  Gordon’s reply was to name a day and Lil Nas X chose Wednesday.  The rest is history.

It was just days ago when Lil Nas X decided to come out for Pride.  He released a new song and basically let the world know that he was a member of the LGBTQ community.  It took the world by storm and so did the tweets.  People began to make fun of his hit song Old Town Road and imply that it was not good for the kids to listen to.  Funny thing is the kids are probably what made the song such a success.  There was a post on social media that showed him performing at an elementary school in front of kids dressed in cowboy attire and the kids knew all the words.  Funny how adults can make a positive thing bad and use the kids as the reason for it.  Many celebrities welcomed and supported his coming out and of course, people are still buying his music.  Lil Nas X is only 20 and has a long road ahead of him in the music industry.  Hopefully, his stamina will carry him through.

Good luck with your music Lil Nas X!  Keep the hits coming because so will social media!

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