Disney is catching hell

The twitter streets are on fire. Disney cast Halle Bailey to play Ariel on The mermaid movie but twitter isn’t here for it.

They seem to have a problem with this casting and have started #notmyariel and it’s tending on social media. It seems people have a problem with Halle’s ethnicity in playing he mermaid.

May i remind you there is no such thing as a real mermaid so why does it really matter?? It seems Disney’s quiet hidden agenda is seeping into the open. The more important the part, the more the blowback. Given that Disney reportedly indicated the person to play Ursula should look like her in real life implies that Halle resembles Ariel. Fans say otherwise and want Zendaya.

Before I chime in on this great debate, what I want to know is who auditioned for the parts? As the fires start to die out, hopefully we’ll have some answers.

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