Cookie Tookie is out of jail – again!

Samantha James, also known as Cookie Tookie, is a transgender who has been around the block or two but still trips over her own feet.  She obtained quite a few supporters on social media but instead of them uplifting her to build a brand, she spends all of her time hating on TS Madison, another transgender who has a successful empire.  Cookie began building her reputation on social media and has a lot of funny catch phrases, like Kia girl, stop playing my face, 1-2-3 get up off those dxcks, however, Cookie’s management team can’t seem to keep her focused.

Cookie Tookie has a history of reported drug use along with street life, making money man by man.  While we do not know who her previous manager was, they obviously have had a hard time keeping her together long enough to build a brand.  Cookie Tookie appears to be the type that would rather beef with someone than collaberate with them because it’s easier for her to be herself and collect money from supporters, or at least that’s what it appears to be.  I don’t think anyone really knows what Cookie Tookie aspires to be other than better than TS Madison.  Cookie Tookie doesn’t seem to have a solid team or game plan so my take is it won’t be long before Cookie Tookie is back in jail or the halfway house.

One thing is for certain, she certainly looks up to TS Madison but because of her reading and dragging TS Madison, she will never have a chance to be mentored by her.  All she can do is hope to try and follow in her footsteps.

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