Ursula- Melissa McCarthy or TS Madison?

Well folks, Disney chose Melissa who is a great actress and funny at times. However is she the best choice for this part? Now when it was rumored that Disney execs were looking at her, social media went a frenzy because Ursula’s character was modeled after the late Divine, a drag queen from the 70’s. It’s been reported the power players thought the person chosen should closely resemble Ursula.

Before and after

Now I don’t know about you but that’s shade to me; throw the whole tree away. Ursula looks wicked unlike Melissa but I guess when money talks, nothing else matters.

The LGBTQ community and many others felt like the part should be cast with someone from the community that fits the role. I mean that’s how Divine got the role and blew it out the ball park. I’m not sure why someone needs to look like the character instead of being able to give the performance of a lifetime like the original actress.

Divine 1983

I thought everything was to get bigger and better with each remix so what are you really saying Disney?

That makes me feel like the decision maker was either homophobic, afraid of what people would say if they chose a member of the LGBTQ community and couldn’t find a better excuse other than they needed to look like the character.

Uhhh okay, I guess? The real question is can she sing? Can she be evil? Is she dramatic enough and what are you really trying to tell the kids about about being purple, mean, evil and voluptuous? They are going to put 20 pounds of makeup, 10 pounds of hair and 50 pounds of ……garment. Does she look like Divine before or after the makeup? Moving on….

Now TS Madison paid homage to Harris Glenn Milstead at a Halloween party a few years back and I must say she hit the back out he ball park.

TS Madison paying homage at a Halloween party according to a tweet posted by TS Madison

Take a look at the TS Madison giving us an impromptu performance of Ursula in the car while on tour with The Queens Supreme Court. The first few minutes are rocky because if the area she’s in but TS Madison always has a catchy opening and I wouldn’t want you to miss it.

Impromptu by the TS Madison

If the LGBTQ community brought this movie the success it needed, why would you change the format on that?

Only time will tell whether this was a good business decision and we can see if will be a success of fail. Melissa, we wish you all the success and accolades you desire. Be well my dear and good luck! Oh and next time someone wants to offer you a role in a movie, a child’s movie no less, and they want you to be ugly without makeup? Tell them to kiss your butt!! Good night!!

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