2019 achievements of TS Madison

TS Madison vowed to start 2019 off with leaving 2018 in the past and she has done an awesome job of doing this. Her show The Queen Supreme Court is doing phenomenally well. The QSC show started 2019 off with guest judge Tasha K. Now no one knew that Madison and Tasha had moved on from their rocky past and had been working on the future. Once their schedules were in sync, we discovered the past was in fact the past and they were moving forward. The show was epic and had record breaking numbers. Also in the month of January, one leg of the QSC was in Dallas and the city turned up for the doll. In February, WOW (World of Wonder) booked a special showing of the Queen Supreme Court in Hollywood, CA. Now I tried to attend that showing but my RSVP was not accepted. It makes me wonder what they have up their sleeve with the doll. Only time will tell. Madison showed up in Houston to a packed house SOLD OUT!! They didn’t want to let her go. She even participated on Rupaul’s podcast and if was a great compilation.

March was an interesting month because the doll went to Chicago and Virginia and learned a valuable lesson. The lessons learned is that the QSC is Madison’s show and she puts an enormous amount of work into making the show a success. So during this time, she discovered that she can no longer share her show unless she is producing it.

April was an exciting month because not only was the doll going to be in New York for her show but she was also a part of the #Power30 event and was invited to be a part of Philadelphia pride. Madison’s schedule is so packed that her fans begin to write and message asking when is she coming back to their town, wherever that is.

May 2019, Madison was invited to Cancun, Mexico to accept the Vanguard award from the LGBT Arts and Culture Music Festival.

Her Cancun acceptance speech was definitely one for the books. She revealed some interesting information that had never been revealed before. Click above to hear the speech.

Picture it June 21, 2019, in Atlanta Georgia at the Black Tie Gala-TS Madison receives yet another award, The iElevate. You never know the lengths Madison has gone through to help the community until she receives recognition for it and sometimes even then, you don’t know the magnitude. She is a pillar in the community and never forget it.

Never underestimate someone’s power or gift of love no matter their faults, past or present. Only people with a bright and shining spirit as well as a good heart can be acknowledged for their works. TS Madison is truly an inspiration to the masses and she deserves every reward received. We love her and wish her all the best.

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