Somebody stole from TS Madison’s former cohost! Again?

Yes folks we have felt the wrath of Khia Shamone Chambers all over IG as she curses out an producer for not paying her. For what you ask? His clients, the city girls, sampled her music and used her voice in it and didn’t pay her. How can that be you ask? I’ve heard you have to make sure you own the masters to the song. You have to be writer, director, producer, etc., from my understanding, in order to own your masters. If there is another way, so be it. Now if she didn’t get paid, she must not own he masters right?

She accused this man of not paying her for the sample when he in fact paid out $10K, according to the Shaderoom. After seeing her verbally assault him online, he posted receipts of emailed communication with the paid parties asking if they had received his payment. Their response was yes.

Now that set social media on fire because Khia has been saying for years how everyone steals from her but she never brings receipts. In this case, her argument was he should have called her directly and offered to pay her. Khia is known for her roasts and gags, the hit song My Neck and My Back and her obnoxious way of doing business, i.e. the way she abandoned the hit show The Queens Court. Rumors have been circling for some time that Khia has burned several bridges and this appears to be another one of those cases. It has been said that when someone wants to sample a song, they use information from the ASCAP organization to determine who to get permission from a dm who to make the check out to. Her publishing team was listed as one of the paid parties. Now if she determined that she was not legally compensated for the sample, any business person would contact their lawyer, right? Sadly, that’s not how Khia does business which is why you haven’t heard much about her business. She wants to take it to the streets by posting receipts that shows she’s the writer, etc. Now I’m not a part of the industry and I don’t know the ins and outs but if she has proof they owe her money, why wouldn’t she contact a lawyer and begin legal proceedings? I think I can answer that. A lawyer costs money and from the Queens Court debacle we know that Khia doesn’t believe in investing to see a return on her investments aka she probably doesn’t have a lawyer. We’ve heard that Khia doesn’t want to put money into certain projects and apparently she doesn’t put money into attorneys because she’s been screaming that people are stealing from her for YEARS! If you’re not a lawyer, you need one before executing any contract other than a rental lease agreement. If you don’t think your talent is worth investing in, odds are it will be stolen from you and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it if your house ain’t in order.

Good luck to you Khia! May you get what you deserve!

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