Review of the Queens Supreme Court 1/7/19 with Tasha K

The first regular show of 2019 and Maddie outdid herself.  She invited a special Youtuber to be a guest on the bench.  Now Maddie likes to surprise her fans by not releasing the name of the guest until the day of the show.  However, she must have forgot to tell the guest because she went on her IG page and released the information and it was the talk over the weekend.  Tasha K is not only an IG celebrity but a very successful Youtuber who stays in the world of gossip.  Because of the types of interviews and vlogs that she does, she’s not the most liked person on the planet but she is very good at what she does.  While there was a lot of chatter on both sides of the spectrum regarding her showing up on the bench, it ultimately was a great show.

It seems the Maddie Mob was not so forgiving about things Tasha K has said about the LGBT community or TS Madison.  Rumor has it that she once stated she would never go on the Queens Supreme Court (formerly known as the Queens Court) because it was basically beneath her, in so many words.  But they were able to chat it up and boom, it happened.  Many of Maddie’s fans stated on her IG page that they would not watch the show and would catch her the next go round because they didn’t like Tasha.  Many of Maddie’s fan warned that Maddie should beware of Tasha K because she was the devil.  However, the winos had nothing but good things to say about this collaboration.

There was only one major complaint I had with the show and that was Tasha has never held something in her hand during a live taping because she was banging the gavel as if it was a period to each sentence.  It was annoying to the Maddie Mob and Winos alike.  TS Madison and Tasha K had great banter, but different than the banter with Funky Dineva.  The gossip and opinions were flowing like liquor but since she’s pregnant, she was not drinking alcohol.  The highlight of the show was when it appeared as though Tasha K had urinated in a drinking glass during the show.  It was actually a recommended sentence for R Kelly who happened to be on the docket.  Unfortunately, the fans weren’t ready so it was such a shock that the Youtube community went into a frenzy vlogging that Tasha had peed on the stage.  That was implied but not true.  Any way you have watch the video on TS Madison Hinton’s Live youtube page. Also subscribe to TS Madison’s patreon at

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