The Queen’s Supreme Court 9/17/18

Well TS Madison promised us Funky Dineva once a month and she showed up on Monday night. Oh my goodness we had a ball. As always, they spoke on current events and talked about Nicki Minaj and Cardio B but the show headliner of the night was the Katt Williams incident. They joked and laughed and tasted great food like they were catching up. All was well while the audience anxiously waited on the after show.

Now the after show was a bit of a downer because Tamar Braxton who was a topic of discussion jumped on TS Madison’s live broadcast and insulted her guest and friend. Tamar stated that her friend James as in James Chanel Wright had contacted her and advised that Funky Dineva had been talking reckless about the molestation events of her childhood. Tamar first spoke on these events during a segment with Wendy Williams. Funky dineva never said anything negative about the incident. On the contrary, she spoke very seriously about it and defended Tamar against Iyanla Vanzandt whose show Tamar had filmed earlier . Funky Dineva was quite caring and considerate of Tamar’s delicate situation. However Funky Dineva dragged Tamar’s new boyfriend that she spoke of on Wendy’s show. Tamar got word that Funky Dineva made light of the molestation situation which was a lie but Tamar came online asking Maddie what did her ashy friend say about her molestation? Very inappropriate opening for someone who had nothing but caring comments about the situation but now Funky has taken her wig and gloves off and she spared Tamar no mercy as she read her for filth and left her for dead. This read went viral and is still being talked about today, 2 days later. There were all sorts of comments and backlash regarding how the audience felt the inquiry should have been handled. The bloggers made videos giving their 2 cents to the point TS Madison had to shut it down. You can see the full after show on TS Madison TV on YouTube.

There is always backlash and crazy talk when certain sequence of events are revisited online. It’s a part of the industry. Well that’s all for the day. We love the TS Madison PERIOD!!


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