Accomplishments on Resume-TS Madison

Hi guys, as you know we love some TS Madison.  She is very accomplished and most have no idea exactly what’s on her resume.  TS Madison, born Timothy Hinton, is transgender/transsexual, an actress, model, singer, songwriter, tv personality and author.  Her time spent with Rupaul was incredible in that she has established notoriety in the LGBT community and her resume almost mirrors that of Rupaul.  Rupaul born as Andre Charles is an icon in the LGBT community with a hit show called Rupaul’s Drag Race.  TS Madison has a hit podcast called the Queens Supreme Court.  TS Madison makes appearances all over the world and the world loves her.  She is very open about her sexuality and her life.  She’s quite inspirational as she shares her past life and explains how it’s ok to be who you are and embrace it.  TS Madison is currently touring but her podcast is every Monday night around 10 p.m.  She makes every effort to be present but sometimes her schedule will not permit it.

Her new cohost, yet to be announced as permanent, is Tiffany Pollard aka New York.  They will be live in Atlanta, GA on August, 6, 2018 at Truth Nightclub.  Tiffany has a very busy schedule as well and we miss her live appearances on the show.  TS Madison is currently rotating the cohost chair to different internet personalities until her and New York’s schedule will sync and New York will become a permanent fixture on the show.  Get your tickets on Eventbrite to see them loud, live and in color in Atlanta on the 6th.

TS Madison cohosts for Fox on the Star aftershow returning this September, but we are anxiously awaiting her appearance on the big screen on several shows.  LIT is a television series currently in its second season and TS Madison is a boss on the show, literally and figuratively.  She’s also filming for Getting Unstuck and possibly more but these 2 I know for sure.

There’s almost nowhere you can’t find TS Madison.  Online, you can find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope and YouTube.  Tune in and have a night of laughs, filled and dancing and a little bit of drinking.  See you later.

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