Jason Lee

Well finally there is no more room for Jason Lee and his antics. Jason was a friend of the Queens Supreme Court, I was told, on an earlier occasion when he pulled a shady move on TS Madison. There was a clip of Michelle Williams on stage with Beyoncé and Kelly during Coachella and the clip made the ledger at the QSC show. Jason put the clip on the page of Hollywood Unlocked and posed a question regarding whether it was shady and this sent the beyhive into a frenzy. When TS Madison stopped by to jokingly explain, she was attacked by the beyhive with no assistance from Jason Lee.

A week or so ago, TS Madison was a guest of the Wild N Out show and was backstage along with Jason Lee and Bernice Burgos to name a few. Drinks were flowing and pictures were being taken. Jason posted a picture of TS Madison with Bernice Burgos. Now Madison’s makeup had not been touched up nor had her tuck, so the caption made a cute pic, unflattering. You can’t always be prepared when in the public eye but what made this post sickening was the caption he posted with the picture. It was a statement that “you can only take one home for the night.”

What makes that unflattering you ask? Because most people already know that TS Madison is a transsexual and is very open about it. Why would you take an innocent picture and attempt to compare her with another woman? TS Madison is a very attractive trans woman who identifies as a woman and proud of it but the caption could have simply promoted her hit show The Queens Supreme Court. When the fans started to attack his character along with Floyd Mayweather’s investment in Jason Lee, he angrily posted that Madison had given him the picture to post.

He would have done better being quiet because she didn’t give him the caption to post. Needless to say, it has been brought to my attention that TS Madison is no longer following Hollywood Unlocked or Jason Lee. It’s a very good move because if networking or having an alliance with a major personality does not bring you positive attention, that is not alliance worth keeping. I mean Jason Lee openly admits that he’s a sugar daddy and likes to fly his young trades in to him. Only someone as insecure as he would think this was something to brag about. Good luck, good riddance and God bless Jason Lee.

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