Review of the Queens Supreme Court 6/4/18

Sorry I’m late. Well the people finally got a judge they’ve been asking for, Supa_cent! She is the founder of the cosmetic The Crayon Case. Supa is from New Orleans and she brought the NOLA vibes. Supa and Tokyo Vanity are very close friends and I must say their vibes are in sync. They didn’t have a lot of comedy but their spice was enough to bring the heat. A number of TQSC viewers expressed a dislike for Supa on the show. I can only think maybe “blame it on the alcohol?” TS Madison was quite tipsy this night as many others but it didn’t look like they were in sync. Supa spoke her mind and on several occasions called Madison shady and fake. While these terms were used in conversation about Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, it was evident that Supa didn’t agree with some of the things said by Madison and her extremely loud production team/ jury. This night, I believe production, as well as additional guests were so excited to see Supa that they BECAME part of the show being louder than The two judges in front of the cameras.

Overall most enjoyed the show while some did not. I watched the whole show and am confused as to whether it’s truly a battle for the bench or a commentary segment involving the staff. Either way, Supa kept it all the way funky and she tore up that seafood from skeeters!

Leave your comments and thoughts about the show.

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