Desperate bloggers…..

So now I understand why Michelle is so shady when it comes to blogging/blogging and why her and Khia could become so close so quick? Their both thieves, allegedly!! Khia stole her one hit “my neck, my back” and Michelle stole a name for a website libertylondongirl, allegedly. Now the format for that site looks eerily similar to the website Khia currently uses. It’s alleged that Michelle stalked this chick who tweeted about the events on a regular basis. It’s also alleged that Michelle underwent gastric bypass surgery in hopes of getting a peach on the Atlanta housewives.

Looks like the closest she got was blogging for them and having access to inside information. Of course, I’m sure, she would never get a peach at this time because she would probably be diva with the price. 🤷🏽‍♀️Anyway living the life of a super fan causes you to research and find all types of information be it true or rumor.

Be back later with more stale tea. 😉

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