Welcome to Sipping with Me

Good evening my fellow internet fans!

Welcome to the new blog!  While this blog is about sipping tea and enjoying the scalding hot juice we attend every day on social media, it’s also about the life of a #maddiemobster.

What is a maddie mobster?  I’m glad you asked.  I’m a fan of the infamous TS Madison who happens to be an internet celebrity.


I won’t use this post to dive deep into her illicit past, but I will say she is very upfront, live, loud and in color!  She is a transexual who has made the front post of the Huffington Post, Rupaul’s Drag Race and one of the former co-hosts of The Queen’s Court.  The other half of the duo was Khia Shamone Finch who was known for her single “My neck, My back.”

This is only the beginning and there is much more to come, but I will save that for another day.  This blog will tell you much more about TS Madison, the business partnership that ended with Khia Finch and lots of other news surrounding celebrities, actors, entertainment and all the hot tea you can handle.  Most importantly it will detail the life of a maddie mobster.

So buckle up, pour yourself a drink and stay tuned to hear all about the life of a Maddie mobster!!

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