The Queen’s Supreme Court

Hey guys and gals,

So anxious to be up and running that I cannot contain myself. So TS Madison posted her new and official logo for her brand.

Now while I felt the colors was very alluring and definitely captured my attention, TS Madison received mixed reviews from her fans. Now we all know you can’t please everybody but she is a business woman and will take all critiques as business recommendations. TS Madison, lets call her Maddie for short, is having to rebrand and restructure everything surrounded the major collapse of her partnership with Ms. Finch. While she’s been booked and busy, it’s known that she is having a difficult time moving forward because her former business partner has a bad taste in her mouth since the fallout. She went on the attack and accused Maddie of stealing her show and all sorts of things.  It’s gotten so bad that Maddie has been dragged to court over foolery.  This former partner left her in debit with sponsors who had remitted payment for services not rendered by her partner.  So Maddie doesn’t have time for the shenanigans, she’s got to pay this money back.  I can hear you asking “why does she have to pay it back?”  Because, again, she’s a business woman who is quite saavy and will not stand by and watch her brand be attacked or sued for the games that people play.

This week it was announced by many bloggers that Ms. Finch had recently gotten married in Mexico but something doesn’t seem right. She didn’t announce the wedding, show off a ring nor kiss the groom. However, they took a picture with a note of whose destination wedding they attended.

This is who got married that weekend, Davis and Fields. Notice Ms. Finch is in the background and not the forefront. So is this all a grand gesture to increase their viewership? Because the last time I checked, her numbers were not as great as she had bragged about. In fact, her numbers only increased when her topic of conversation was about TS Madison. She has moved on to partner with Michelle Brown aka Straight From The A. Her numbers from vlogging also increased exponentially when mentioning Maddie or Mr. Hinton. So I guess taking pictures that imply she got married was just what was needed to get the numbers to rise again. It will be interesting to see what’s in the marriage license if there is one.  We’ll revisit this topic next week once we get the results from the courthouse and keep you posted.

Happy Saturday!

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